Fool-Proof Medium-Rare Prime Rib

The first time I used this method to make prime rib, I was really apprehensive about it. A rib roast is not exactly an inexpensive  piece of meat, so what if I ruin it?? All I can tell you is this: take a  risk here, try this recipe and follow the instructions to the letter. I’ve used it several times now and it works!! 

1 – Boneless Ribeye Roast (yes, prime rib comes from a rib eye roast, and you’ll need approx  1/2 lb. of meat per person, plus 1-2 lbs. extra, just to be safe)

1 Tbs. each: seasoned salt, granulated onion, granulated garlic 

1 pkg. Knorr Au Jus Mix, prepared according to pkg directions 

1 batch Creamy Horseradish Sauce (recipe below) 

About 1 hour prior to cooking the roast, remove from refrigeration; unwrap roast  from all packaging. Let rib roast rest on the counter to remove the chill from the meat. (This helps the roast to cook much more evenly and is a very important step of this recipe’s success!)

Meanwhile, combine spices with salt in a small bowl; using your fingertips, rub spice blend over every area of the roast.

Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees F.

Place the seasoned roast onto a roasting rack (even if it’s just ribs of celery and carrots!), with fat-side up. Place the rack into a roasting pan, cast iron skillet, or onto a baking sheet.

Place the roast into the preheated 500 degree F oven, uncovered, and cook for 5-7 minutes per pound. (My roast was 4 lbs. so I cooked it exactly 20 minutes, keeping in mind that I could always add additional cooking time, if needed.)

When the timer sounds, immediately shut the oven off completely.

Here’s the super important part!! After turning the oven off, DO NOT OPEN OVEN DOOR FOR TWO HOURS. (If this means taping it shut with duct tape and adding a DO NOT OPEN SIGN, then DO IT!!!) 

When the timer sounds at the full 2 hour mark, open the oven door to check the internal temperature of the meat. If your Instant-read thermometer reads 135 -140 degrees F., it’s perfectly medium rare.

**If your roast temps a bit cooler than 130 degrees F, simply preheat your oven to 375 degrees F and return roast to oven until the internal temp reaches 135 – 140 degrees, or even more done, if preferred.

Creamy Horseradish Sauce

1 cup sour cream

dash or two of hot pepper sauce, if desired

dash or two of Worcestershire sauce

1-2 Tbs. prepared horseradish (this is the refrigerated fresh-grated horseradish, not the creamy-style found in the condiment section of the grocer)

Combine all sauce ingredients in a small bowl until smooth.

To serve prime rib, slice rib roast into slices and drizzle with au jus; place a dollop of Horseradish Sauce on the side.

**What to do if someone thinks their prime rib slice is too rare? I keep a skillet of simmering beef broth on my stove top for this very reason. Simply place their prime rib slice into the simmering broth and let it cook for a few seconds. It will cook very quickly and you can then remove it from the broth to their plate. Everybody’s happy!! 

Let’s Get You Cookin’,

Chef Alli 

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