Smoked Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties

This recipe came to me by way of my husband who heard about it on the radio and quickly scribbled down the recipe because he thought it sounded so good. Turns out the Hubs was correct – they are delicious. Enjoy! 

Smoked Salmon Patties

2 fresh salmon fillets, 6-8 oz. each, skinned
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup panko (I used grated Parmesan instead, combined with 1 Tbs. ground flax seed – worked great)
1/4 cup diced sundries tomatoes
1/4 cup Feta cheese crumbles

Finely dice salmon, then gently mix with remaining ingredients; form into 4 patties.

Place patties onto oiled rack of smoker preheated to 375 degrees F. Smoke for approx 8-10 minutes, or until patties are 135 degrees F. internally.

Remove patties from smoker; wrap in foil 10 minutes to let allow salmon patties to raise in temperature to 140-145 degrees at the center.

Delicious served topped with butter combined with a bit of chopped fresh basil.

**If you don’t have a smoker, these salmon patties are delicious baked right in your oven. Bake, uncovered, on a greased baking sheet for 8-12 minutes at 400 degrees, or until fish flakes easily with a fork in the thickest part of the fillet.

Let’s Get You Cookin’,

Chef Alli 

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