Pressure Cooker Problems: Top 5 Reasons Your Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Won’t Pressurize and What To Do About It:

Pressure Cooking is all the rage. Everyone is getting them in hopes of maximizing time in the kitchen while also getting a great meal on the table. But what happens when your magic machine isn’t so magical? What happens when the pressure is on and you can’t pressurize! Below I’ve shared 5 of the main reasons why your electric pressure cooker isn’t pressurizing and how you can fix it and get dinner on the table! 

1. You don’t have enough liquid in the bottom of the EPC pot.

**Open pot, add liquid, start again. (Pressure is made from steam; if there’s not enough liquid to create steam, your EPC will never be able to pressurize.)

2. Something is stuck to the bottom of the EPC pot, restricting the circulation of the steam.

**Open pot, using a spatula, gently rearrange everything to see if something is adhered to the bottom. Add more liquid if needed, start again.

3. Your sauce is too thick and can’t circulate to create the steam needed to make pressure. (A good example: meatball sauce!)

**Open pot, thin sauce with broth, start again. After you’ve pressurized, you can then re-thicken the sauce by adding a cornstarch slurry and simmering once you’ve released the pressure from your EPC.

4. Your EPC gasket isn’t on correctly.

**Open pot, pull out insert within the lid; check the gasket. Adjust as needed and reinsert evenly and snugly into the lid. (If there’s a gap in the gasket because the insert is sitting crooked within the lid, steam escapes where it shouldn’t.)

5. Steam is escaping from the valve.

**Gently adjust the valve a bit, “nestling” it into where it’s sitting/located on the EPC lid. Sometimes it just needs a little extra encouragement!

Now You’re PRESSURE Cookin’,
Chef Alli 


Note: Although electric pressure cooking works technically the same way (using steam), these guidelines may not apply to all pressure cookers. Please refer to the user manual on your particular brand for the most accurate troubleshooting tips.

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