Home, Home on the Range with Pacheco Cattle Services


Home, Home on the Range…

For Arturo and Wrenn Pacheco, that song is everyday reality, grazing cattle on the beautiful prairies of the Kansas Flint Hills. But as beautiful and magical as the songs and the pictures may be, ranching is hard work. TEAMwork. But the best work of all! This Thursday, I am privileged to invite Arturo and Wrenn Pacheco into my kitchen for a conversation about family, cattle ranching, beef, and the people they live to serve— YOU the consumer! We’ll also be cooking up a yummy beef recipe that you won’t want to miss! Please join us this Thursday eve at 8pm for my Live Cooking Show celebrating Beef Month and the ranchers who work hard to bring you the best beef possible. 

Wrenn and Arturo use horses to ride through cattle to make sure that everyone is accounted for and healthy.

Arturo and Wrenn Pacheco are custom grazers located in the flint hills of Kansas. Their grazing operation consists of grazing double stock steers and custom heifer development for their clients. Arturo owns and operates his own nutrition consulting business, “Pacheco Cattle Services”. A genuine cowboy, Arturo has his PhD in ruminant nutrition and through his business he helps farmers and ranchers practice efficient feeding. He has clients all over the country and his goal is to help ranchers and cattlemen provide an excellent product for the consumer.

Arturo roped this heifer to treat her for foot rot (a bacterial infection of the foot) which lames the calf and therefore she can’t get around to eat or drink very well. Arturo is making note in his phone of the calf’s ID and the dosage given.

Arturo is given a heifer a shot for foot rot. The medicine given will heal the infection and ease the pain.

Wrenn is a professional photographer, full-time Mommy, and Arturo’s best business partner, assisting and participating in everything he does. When she’s not riding with Arturo to check the cattle or assisting with breeding, she operates Wrenn Bird Photography and blogs some of their favorite dishes at Cooking with the Cowboy. Together they have two little cowboys, Leo and Ross.

Wrenn is a successful (and beautiful) wedding and family photographer out of Manhattan, KS. www.wrennbirdphotography.com

Ranch life is the GOOD life with a few little cowboys running around!

Meet the Pachecos!

A few years ago I had the Pachecos on WIBW to help me eat this yummy steak. That was back before Cowboy #2 was born! I am excited to welcome them back into Chef Alli’s Kitchen this Thursday Evening!


“Farm Fresh Cooking with Chef Alli” is sponsored by the Kansas Farm Food Connection, a great resource for connecting consumers with the farmers and ranchers who serve them!



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