Win an Electric Pressure Cooker: Farm Fresh Cooking with Chef Alli

You are welcome back into my kitchen for “Farm Fresh Cooking with Chef Alli”, Thursday, May 18th at 8pm! May is Beef month, so I’ve invited cattle ranchers Arturo and Wrenn Pacheco into the kitchen to chat about all things BEEF… Oh, and I’m giving away a Pressure Cooker! This is gonna be a GREAT evening, so put it on your calendar and meet me in the kitchen!

ARTURO AND WRENN PACHECO are custom grazers located in the flint hills of Kansas. Their grazing operation consists of grazing double stock steers and custom heifer development for their clients. Arturo has his PhD in ruminant nutrition and owns and operates his own nutrition consulting business, Pacheco Cattle Services. Wrenn is a professional photographer and operates Wrenn Bird Photography. And together they have two little cowboys, Leo and Ross.


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Arturo, a genuine cowboy, has his PhD in ruminant nutrition and through his nutrition consultant business, he helps farmers and ranchers practice efficient feeding practices. He has clients all over the country and his goal is to help ranchers and cattlemen provide an excellent product for the consumer.

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

“Farm Fresh Cooking with Chef Alli” is sponsored by the Kansas Farm Food Connection, a great resource for connecting consumers with the farmers and ranchers who serve them!

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