Easter Toffee Bark

Are you looking for a quick sweet snack to serve your Easter party guests? This one whips up in no time with just a few simple ingredients and will add a colorful treat to your Easter table!

Easter Toffee Bark

1 lb. dark brown sugar
1 cup unsalted butter
11 oz. container of Sunflower Foods Jack’Stix Buttery Spiced Pretzels (or substitute 3 cups regular small pretzel twists)
2 – 11 oz. bags white chocolate chips
1 – 11.4 oz. bag of Easter M&M’s

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil; spray with nonstick spray. Spread pretzels out evenly over the foil in a single layer.

Meanwhile, in a medium sauce pan, make toffee by melting butter and brown sugar together over medium heat, stirring until toffee ribbons off spoon when it’s raised from saucepan.

Pour prepared toffee over the top of the pretzels. Place baking sheet into the oven, uncovered, on the center rack for 5 minutes or until toffee bubbles up.

Remove baking sheet from the oven and sprinkle with white chocolate chips.  As the toffee melts the chocolate chips, spread them evenly over the top. Add sprinkles and Easter M&M’s.

Let cool completely, then break into pieces.

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

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