Adorable Easter Cupcake Trio

I love these adorable little Easter cupcakes, especially since they each take just a few ingredients and a few minutes to create for your guests.  For something hands-on at your Easter dinner, why not create one of each as a pattern for your guests, letting them try their hand at decorating their own cupcakes? I’ve found my guests love having something to do as they wait for dinner, plus it helps them feel as though they’ve had an actual hand in the whole celebration. What a great ice breaker for your gathering! 

Fluffy Bunny Cupcake

1. Frost cupcakes with white frosting.
2. Dip each cupcake into shredded sweetened coconut.
3. For each cupcake, cut a large marshmallow diagonally in half; dip each half cut-side-down into pink sugar crystals to create the bunny ears, positioning each one onto the back third of the cupcake on each side.
4. Cut a small marshmallow in half and place one half cut-side-down into pink sugar crystals to create bunny nose, positioning into the center front third of the cupcake.

Candy Carrot Cupcake

1.  Frost cupcakes with white frosting.
2.  Create body of carrot by placing 5-6 orange tic-tac type candies side-by- side to create the base of the carrot; continue by creating 3 more rows of the candies each one getting small until the point of the carrot is created.
3. Use green tic-tac type candies to create the stem of the carrot, or cut green gummy candies into a stem-shape and place above the carrot.

Spring Flower Bed Cupcake

1. Use tip Wilton tip #233 and bright green frosting to create grass over top of each cupcake.
2.  Nestle flowers into center of grass, as desired.

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli


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