Burnt Ends


What’s the best thing to do with the point of your brisket after your family has devoured the flat? Make up a big ole cast iron skillet full of burnt ends, that’s what!

Burnt Ends

1 brisket point, fully cooked, cooled, and well chilled
Steak seasoning
Canola or vegetable oil

Trim big, outer fats from brisket point, then cut brisket into 1″ cubes and season as desired with steak seasoning. Add a bit of oil in a large cast iron skillet and place into a 500 degree F  oven until nicely HOT.

When oil is hot, ad cubed brisket to hot oil in skillet, then return skillet to oven for 20-25 minutes, tossing brisket once, halfway through. Serve burnt ends when they are nicely blackened and crispy all over.

Now You’re Cookin’
Chef Alli

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