3 Efficient Tools I Hope Your Kitchen Isn’t Missing Out On:

3 Efficient ToolsIn my years of cooking, there are a few simple kitchen tools that I could not live without. Aside from R2D2 (my trusty pressure cooker) these three tools are a game-changer in my kitchen.

1. Microplane Zester
2. Bench Scraper
3. Immersion Blender

Here’s why I’m certain you’ll use them as much as I do:

Microplane Zester

Microplane ZesterBecause the amount of citrus zest that most recipes call for is fairly small, you may be tempted to skip it….but please don’t! Adding this single, small ingredient to a dish tucks in SO MUCH flavor and brightness, all with ZERO fat and calories! Invest in a Microplane zester and in seconds you can have the fresh citrus zest you need to make your recipes pop.

Bench Scraper

Bench ScraperThis dull-edged, flat metal blade was first created for working with dough, but is also a super efficient tool for a cutting board. Once you’ve chopped fresh ingredients, such as vegetables or herbs, use your bench scraper to make short work of picking them up to transfer to your cooking vessel. You will also find a bench scraper to be a handy tool for cutting bar cookies into serving squares.

Immersion Blender

Immersion BlenderThis handheld small appliance will win your heart with its convenience and ease of use. Use it for small kitchen tasks that don’t quite require a full-sized food processor or blender, such as making a batch of vinaigrette or to quickly smooth a pot of cooked squash for making soup or bisque. I use mine all the time for making applesauce!

Now You’re Cooking,
Chef Alli


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