Home: Is it a HAVEN? Part 3 – For YOU!!!

Is Home a Haven for YOU?If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- the woman sets the thermostat for the home! How you feel, how you are thriving, how you act, sets the tone for the entire household. YOU ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY!!!

So why is it that we women are SO hesitant to take care of ourselves? Why are we always short-changing ourselves. Wearing ourselves down with all the to-dos. Burning out on taking care of everyone else? We MUST take care of ourselves or our entire home will suffer. If our house is not a haven for us, how can it be a haven for anyone else?

I love the imagery of traveling on an airplane. They always remind parents and caregivers that, should oxygen masks be necessary, we are to take care of ourselves first, THEN take care of others. If we don’t have oxygen, we will literally be unable to help our children or others who need us. The home is no different. If we are burned out or suffocating without any self-care, we will be unable to care for those we love the most.

So ladies… MAKE YOUR HOME A HAVEN FOR YOURSELF!!! Make it a place of peace. Create times and spaces for yourself to recharge and refresh. Take care of yourself so you can be the very best for those you love! Below I’ve shared 3 tips for ways you can make your home a haven for YOU.

home haven

 Tips for Creating a Haven for Ourselves!

1. Give Yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. For all of those reasons above! Say it with me, “It is O.K. for me to take care of myself! I DO NOT… I CAN NOT… just take care of others. I MUST take care of myself so I can BEST care for the people I love the MOST!”

2. Feed Yourself

You must fill yourself up with good things so you can pour good into others. So read those books! Join a Bible study. Meet weekly with a sister friend to talk about life. Get a mentor. Go to a women’s conference. Take a girls only trip. Hit the spa. Be intentional about filling yourself up so your home can be a haven for you and your family!

3. Create a Sacred Space

Create a space in your home that is all yours. Whether it’s a prayer chair in the corner or a sitting room with a view. Create a place where you can go to refresh and recharge. A place where your family will know that you are doing the work of the heart. And then DO IT! Take those “mom moments.” Drink coffee. Read your Bible. Flip through your favorite magazine. Pray for your kids. Put your feet up and close your eyes. Make it a sacred space so you can find a haven in your home no matter what the crazy looks like around you!

What are some ways you make your home a haven for yourself?

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli



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