6 Ways to Welcome Home the Hubster!


Welcome Home your HusbandIn the beginning, God created a man. He put him in a garden surrounded by animals and plants and all good things and then he gave him a job to do. This was before God made him a female companion. This was long before The Fall. This was work. This was a man’s purpose. And this was a GOOD THING! This is what that guy was created to do and he loved it!

Guess what… This is STILL in a husband’s heart!This need to work and provide and have purpose. I don’t care what a husband does, his job is really, really, really important to him. It’s in his heart, on his mind, and it’s one of the most important ways he is able to show love to you and your family. Remember, our husband is our warrior. He is out there every day “slaying dragons” on our behalf!

Which is why I believe it is SO important for us to show how much we appreciate him right when he walks through that door. Below I’ve gathered 6 of my favorite ways to welcome home the hubster:

  1. BE READY! Get up off your booty and GO TO HIM! Tell him you are so glad you’re home! Have everyone in the house stop what they are doing and acknowledge that you are glad he is home.

  2. WIND DOWN & GATHER UP. Ladies, this is NOT the time to jump into a deep conversation or venting session about your day. He needs some time to veg. So have some drinks ready. If you are available, sit down BESIDE HIM (shoulder to shoulder) And give him about 30 minutes to wind down and gather up! Psst… don’t talk the whole time.

  3. WHISPER SOMETHING FUN IN HIS EAR. You heard me. Tell him there might be a little somethin’ somethin’ coming that evening if you can get the nightly duties done quick and efficiently! You can state it in a way that shows you need his help, but also shows that it will be rewarding when all the kids are in bed and it’s just the two of you. Then follow through!

  4. HAVE DINNER COOKING. Food is the universal language of love. Having dinner cooking or ready shows that you care about his health and well-being. It shows that you are helping meet the needs of the family. And it shows you want to spend time with him around the dinner table!

  5. TEN SECOND TIDY. This should actually be number one before he even walks in the door. A husband’s home is his haven. His castle. And it just makes everyone feel better when the home is a place of peace. So before he comes in the door, take a few moments to pick up all the clutter and tidy up. It doesn’t need to be spotless, but a little bit helps!

  6. LEAVE THE PORCH LIGHT ON! I just love this one and feel it is so important, especially if your husband is coming home after it’s already dark. It’s a warm, inviting way to show him that you’re waiting for him. You missed him. And you are excited to welcome him home.

Ladies, fighting for your marriage is a battle. It’s a battle in your heart. It’s a battle for your home. And it’s going to take some work! At first it might feel awkward or uncomfortable. But these little changes done consistently will begin to strengthen your marriage and knit your hearts closer and closer. Ladies… your marriage and your husband’s heart is worth fighting for!

What do you do to welcome home your hubster? I’d love to hear some other ideas!

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli


This post originally aired on Periscope ChefAlli@maketakebake in January 2016.

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