Titus Woman Time: 5 Reasons Why Praying With Your Husband for 5 Minutes a Day will Rock Your World


5 Reasons for Praying


It took my husband, Pat, and I a LOOONNNNGGGG time to finally agree that we needed to be praying together. Out loud. Every Day.

I’ll admit, I was nervous. It sounds odd that I was nervous to spend five minutes in prayer with the man I had made two kids with (really?!) But it’s true. And I think that deep down inside the truth is I was afraid that he would make fun of what was on my heart. But about two years ago we started doing this and it has ROCKED. OUR. MARRIAGE. And I promise, if you will commit to doing it, too, it will rock yours!

It doesn’t take much. Just FIVE minutes a day with the two of you- together! Here are my five reasons why this will change your life and change your marriage:

  1. You discover things that you never even knew were on his mind.

  2. Let’s you know what you need to be praying for on his behalf.

  3. Great way to praise each other genuinely.

  4. Helps you learn your spouses heart.

  5. Gets you into life-alignment with each other.

Do those sound like things that would enrich your marriage, or what?! Do you have any other great reasons why we should be praying with our spouses? Share them in the comments!

Now You’re Cookin’ (up an awesome marriage!),
Chef Alli

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