Stragglers Welcome 

Cow 206 with Bull Calf

So she wasn’t open after all.

BDP came into the kitchen yesterday and proudly announced  “I just got a really good Christmas gift – a little early.” He pointed out into the pasture towards a little black spot in the tall grass. A brand new baby calf!

When the vet came out last Spring to work the cows,  she said cow #206 was open, meaning not bred. This is always a disappointment, as well as a concern, to a cattleman.

When a cow is in good health, of good age, and has a nice calf on her side, you certainly don’t want to hear these words from the vet: “This one’s open.”

Not only is it a loss of income since we count on selling that calf, now we have to wonder and worry if there’s something wrong with that cow……or the bull…..or both. But since all the other cows in that group are bred, the bull gets a pass in this situation; he’s proven himself over the 90 days that he’s been there, “doing his job”, so to speak.

And then it dawns on you that it might be a good idea to consider Mother Nature’s part in all of this; she has a BIG hand in situations like these, and she often likes it to be a wait-and-see kind of deal. Mother Nature seems to love to teaching lessons of patience, strength, and faith to cattlemen.

In this case, Mother Nature came through, big and strong: Cow #206 was bred! Likely so newly bred (by that bull who’s proven himself with all the other cows), that when the vet showed up, her preg-check couldn’t reveal the fact that a calf would be arriving just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. What a wonderful, unexpected surprise.

And, of course, we’ll be more than happy to take a new baby…….anytime. Stragglers are always welcome here.

New Calf

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli 

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