Microwave Chocolate Tempering


The following tips came from Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates, with stores located in both Wichita and Bonner Springs, KS.  Be sure to visit their chocolate lounge for a comfortable and cozy spot to indulge in artisanal chocolates, craft beers, and boutique wines with your friends! They also offer chocolate making classes, wine and chocolate flights, and many other special events. 

Chocolate must be carefully tempered (or pre-crystallized) to achieve the luster, proper melting properties, and stability of quality chocolates.  In requires time, temperature control, and movement to achieve that shiny, crisp texture we expect from great chocolate.

This technique is quite easy if practiced with care and patience and this method will allow you to create a beautiful temper to your chocolate without specialized equipment.

Chocolate may be melted in the microwave.  The cooking time will vary with the kind of microwave and the amount of chocolate.

  • Place the chocolate in a microwave-safe plastic container.  Chocolate should be broken up; it will melt faster and more evenly in small pieces.
  • Microwave on high for 1 minute.  Stir thoroughly with a rubber spatula.
  • Continue to stir and continue microwaving in 5-10 second increments until melting is complete – your final time in the microwave should not melt chocolate completely – there should be a few lumps left.
  • Chocolate should appear smooth, shiny, and free of bubbles, grainy consistency or lumps. The melted chocolate is in temper and ready to be used!


  • Milk and white chocolates will need less time!  If you are tempering either chocolate, try 45 seconds for the first melt and 5 second increments after that!
  • Heat SLOWLY!  Do not overheat.  Even though it seems as if the chocolate is melting too slowly, 5 seconds will make a significant difference!
  • White chocolate will melt slower than milk chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate is the slowest to melt.
  • Use high quality chocolate for all cooking projects – the better the ingredient, the better the results.

Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake-Stuffed StrawberriesHere’s one of my favorite recipes using Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolate:  Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries. 


Now You’re Cookin’,

Chef Alli

**Cocoa Dolce was featured as part of Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen on WIBW 13 News, January 2015. Special thanks to From the Land of Kansas for making this segment possible

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