Ultimate Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

What could better inspire good conversation and camaraderie at a holiday party than a pot of warm chocolate, complete with all your favorite dippers?  It’s a fun and easy way to entertain, just perfect for informal gatherings.  This recipe combines Cocoa Dolce Premium Chocolate with cream and brandy to create a rich, luscious fondue for your guests.

1/2 lb. Cocoa Dolce Premium Milk Chocolate Callets
1/2 lb. Cocoa Dolce Premium Dark Chocolate Callets (either 54% or 70%)
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 Tbs. brandy
1 Tbs. pure vanilla extract

Add chocolate callets and whipping cream to a large, glass mixing bowl; place bowl into microwave and microwave on full power in 20 second intervals, stirring after each one, until chocolate is melted and and mixture is smooth.  Whisk in brandy and vanilla; pour chocolate into a fondue pot that is preheated on the lowest setting.   To serve, let guests choose their favorite dippers inserted onto wooden skewers, dipped into the warm chocolate fondue.

Fondue Dippers

Fondue Dippers – Use Your Imagination! 
Dried Apricots
Pear and Apple Spears
Rice Krispie Treats
Angel Food Cake Cubes
Pound Cake Cubes
Glazed Doughnut Holes
Mini Powdered Sugar Doughnuts

Chocolate Fondue Dec 2014
Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

Here’s another favorite holiday recipe featuring Cocoa Dolce Premium Chocolate:  White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Wands.

**As seen on Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen as part of WIBW 13 News This Morning, Dec. 2014, sponsored by From the Land of Kansas.

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