Crown Roast of Pork: Tips for Choosing and Roasting

Crown Roast of Pork is truly one of the most magnificent of all holiday entrees, an absolute show-stopper for your family dinner.  Not only is it elegant, it’s EASY to prepare and serve as long as you’ve got a little savvy know-how:

Ordering and Roasting a Crown Roast of Pork

1.  Place your Order Ahead of Time for This Specialty Roast.
Make a visit to your butcher and specifically tell him that you want a crown roast created from two separate and complete rib racks, chine bones removed, bones 1 through 8 of each rack frenched, then both racks tied together to form a perfect, round crown.  You will then have 16 ribs, enabling you to serve 16 guests a beautiful piece of pork loin.

2.  Lose the Chill and Don’t Forget the Beauty Rest.
When you are ready to prepare your crown roast, be sure to remove it from refrigeration about an hour ahead of when you want it to go into the oven.  A crown roast typically weighs between 10 – 12 lbs., so it’s a BIG hunk of meat.  Letting it set for that hour or so will allow the meat to lose it’s chill and this beauty rest ensures that your crown roast will cook not only a little quicker, but much more evenly as well.

3.  Find a Seasoning Assistant.
When seasoning your crown roast, it works best if you’ve got an extra set of hands available to help you with this process.  Place the roast on it’s side on a large sheet of foil.  As one person holds and turns the roast, the other can work to get the seasonings down into all the nooks and crannies of the roast to ensure even application and flavor.

4.  Roast like a Pro.
Position the oven rack into the lower third of the oven, leaving good headspace between the crown roast and the broiler element.  I like to crank my oven up to about 500 degrees F., place my crown roast Into the oven for about 20-25 minutes,  then turn my oven down to 350 degrees to continue the cooking process – this really gets things cookin’ AND puts a nice char on the roast, as well.

5.  Use that Instant-Read Meat Thermometer!
After about 2 hours into the roasting process, begin taking the internal temperature of the crown roast, checking in several places to be sure the meat is up to temperature throughout.  Insert the probe of the instant-read thermometer into the eye of the meat between the bones at the interior, checking for an internal temperature of 145 degrees F.  (about 18 minutes per lb.)  When this area registers 145 degrees F, remove roast from the oven.

6.  Carving
After removing the crown roast from the oven, use two large spatulas to transfer the roast to a large cutting board; tent with foil and give an additional 20-30 minutes beauty rest. To carve, clip and discard the kitchen twin that holds the roast in the crown shape, then slice down between the rib bones.  Serve with a drizzle of sauce over the top along side your favorite holiday side dishes.

See?  It’s easy and elegant – just like I promised!

Now You’re Cookin’,
Chef Alli

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